Grey linen men’s bathrobe with a collar

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Size guide:
  • 46 / S
  • 48 / M
  • 50 / L
  • 52 / XL
  • 54 / XXL

Composition: 52% linen 48% cotton
Manufacturer:  AB “Siulas”
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

Grey linen / cotton men’s bathrobe with a collar. It is made in a “waffle” pattern, and has already been specially washed, making it extra soft as well as highly absorbent. Because of the same wash, it will not shrink once it gets wet. The robe features two side pockets, folded cuffs, which can be easily adjusted, and a belt around the waist. It’s an irreplaceable item in saunas or after long baths. There’s also a women’s bathrobe of the same design.

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