White linen bathrobe with a hood, for women

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  • 36 / 168cm
  • 38 / 168cm
  • 40 / 168cm
  • 42 / 168cm
  • 44 / 168cm
  • 46 / 168cm

Composition: 52% linen 48% cotton
Manufacturer:  AB “Siulas” www.siulas.com
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

Waffle-patterned white linen / cotton bathrobe for women. Treated with a special wash, which made it impressively soft and shrink-resistant. The robe features a hood, two deep pockets at the sides and a belt around the waist. Instantly dries and warms the body – it won’t be long until it becomes an irreplaceable part of your everyday bathing experience. Can be combined with a similar robe for kids.