PURO grey towel with a button

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Composition: 100% linen
Manufacturer:  AB "Siulas"
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

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Grey 100% linen bath towel with a button. The towel can be comfortably wrapped around and closed with a button at the chest or waist, while elastic at the top helps to secure it all in place. The towel is made in a "waffle" pattern and has already been specially washed, making it extra soft and highly absorbent. Because of the same wash, the towel will not shrink once it gets wet. It's an irreplaceable item in sauna or after a bath.

Note: The product‘s fabric is woven using natural linen colour (undyed) yarns so the colour of received product may slightly vary from the shown picture. Some shade variation may occur when re-ordering. The product is made from washed fabric; therefore, its size may vary slightly.