Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Christmas is coming slowly but surely! What Christmas presents should we choose for our loved family members and dear friends? This question bothers many people before the holidays.
Our Christmas gifts ideas may help you. Soft washed linen products will delight everyone who values naturalness, quality and sustainability. Choose presents that adorn, warm up when touched and last a long time.

Linen bath towels, patterned | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Bath towel 1 - from 6,65eur

Bath towel 2 - from 6,65eur

Bath towel 3 - from 6,65eur

Green patterned linen blanket | Linen Fashion

Green blanket - 61,45eur

Grey patterned linen blanket | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Grey blanket - 68,50eur

Linen wool shawls, grey & blue | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Bluish shawl - 33,90eur

Grey shawl - 33,90eur

Linen tea towels in white and natural flax colors | Christmas gifts ideas

Grey kitchen towel - 8,50eur

White kitchen towel - 8,50eur

Linen kitchen towel, white with green | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Kitchen towel white green - 9,40eur

Linen tea towel, white with blue | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Kitchen towel white blue - 9,40eur

Grey linen tablecloth with red stripes | Christmas table linens

Grey checked tablecloth - from 18,60eur

Grey checked napkin - from 1,15eur

Linen aprons and oven gloves | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Oven gloves - 16,10eur

Aprons - 21,60eur

Linen bath towels, bluish and old rose | Christmas gifts ideas

Bath towel blue - from 6,65eur

Bath towel rose - from 6,65eur

Linen tote bags | Christmas gifts ideas 2020

Moss tote bag - 20,10eur

Greenish tote bag - 20,10eur

Blue tote bag - 20,10eur

We wish you a quiet and pleasant preparation for Christmas!
With warmest wishes for a happy holiday season,
Linen Fashion