Linen Christmas gift ideas 2021 - wide image of linen blue blanket.

Christmas gifts ideas 2021

Only we are responsible for the cozy time at home!!! Is not that right? It outside the window gloomy, let’s create a nice atmosphere at home. The soft textile decor, candlelight, warm cup of coffe or tea and long dinner with the family and meaningful conversations at the table. This autumn/winter season Linen Fashion offers for you a washed linen soft tablecloths and cozy blankets, festive Christmas mood. Delight yourself and someone close to you with these home decor details. Perfect gift idea!!!
Three linen tablecloths in rich colors - 2021 Christmas gift ideas.
Three table napkins in rich colors - for Christmas 2021.
Brown tablecloth ROY.
Decorated with loose fringes on all edges, made of special washed linen fabric tablecloths and napkins “Cinnamon”, “Roy” and “Onyx” perfect chose who like richer table decor. We chose the color quite autumn, but these products are universal: you can decorate table for Christmas, New Year or birthday parties. Try eye-catching shade of brick brown or surprise your guests with an unconventional mysterious choice of black decor, give a set of tablecloths and napkins a perfect Christmas gift.
Three linen table cloths in pastel colors  - gift ideas.
Three linen napkins in pastel colors - gift idea.
100% linen tablecloth, pale green.
Pastel colors, melange fabric and small openwork pattern it a dense decorative color matching seam all around such are more impressive of the “Macadamia”, “Lobelia”, “Jardin” tablecloths and napkins collections. The warm brown color of the earth is very suitable for the autumn season and decorate the Christmas table. Perfect those who want to bring unconventional colors in to home decor, we recommend melange purple tablecloths and napkins, a pale green tableware will surely like to unimaginable holidays without green. These products are also great for gifts.
Linen blue blanket - gift ideas.
Blue blanket in linen cotton blue with loose fringes.
If you want to give someone a lovely warming present, the linen blanket “Talisman” made of double-sided pattern blue fabrics is the perfect gift. Special washing method made this item soft, gentle and friendly to the skin. Perfect blanket to decorate your home or wrap yourself for extra warmth.
Linen fashion wishes you and your family health, happiness, peace and prosperity this Christmas and in the coming New Year.