Christmas gifts ideas 2022

The festive days are coming closer, reminding us about that magic time of being together with Your loved ones, when the time stops and let us feel the small and simple things that only matter...   
Let this time be Magic, Quiet and Cozy !
Let the good moments happen !

Linen Fashion presents the newest tablecloths collection for Your home, Your table.

Classic for Christmas - rich green Gamma linen tablecloth and napkins from washed linen.
Ideal choice for Your table.
Let`s create cozy and festive atmosphere with the fresh new Arvo white tablecloth with a deep green babylock stitch around!
Perfect aesthetics for table decoration!
Mineral grey tablecloth with a classic wide chevron design - simple, but at the same time modern and stylish.
For those who love the timeless classics in a new way!
BedLinen - how without it ?! Newest Nautic collection with the subtile blue checks from soft, lovely and specially washed linen fabric. Goes well in combination with dark blue Talisman throw!
Linen and wool - what a great combination ! Especially for shawls. So here we present checked pattern shawls Zolo for the colder season, truly believing that it is ideal combination for these days.
So wear it with confidence and love :)
And the last but not least - bath and sauna towels, in usual composition linen & cotton and the brand new ones - hemp with cotton mix.
We have updated Bingo towel collection with the newest color developments.
Royal blue shades combination and mix of autumn shades in rosy, brown and orange colors.
BINGO blue linen bath towel
BINGO brown linen bath towel
Vito towels - mix of hemp and cotton. Longlasting, sustainable, antiallergic, good moisture absorbance, these are the characteristic this beautiful fabric has. As good as linen !
So, welcome to try this new product and You will be pleasantly surprised :)
White bath towel with blue stripes
VITO white bath towel with brown stripes
Produced with CARE and LOVE - so consume with DESIRE & PASSION !!!