BOHEMIA bluish grey curtain

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Composition: 100% linen
Manufacturer:  AB "Siulas"
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

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BOHEMIA bluish grey curtain is sewn from sheer melange linen fabric from light grey and bluish grey yarns. 100% linen lightweight fabric has been washed to make it soft, gentle and a little bit creased. Available in many different lengths and optional types. Decorate your room with this easy draping and beautiful looking curtain.

  • Sold by 1pc.
  • Curtain type: channel or loops.
  • Channel/loop height is included in the length of the curtain
  • Channel height 8cm, folded loop height 10cm.
  • Curtain width 150cm, length vary from 100cm up to 330cm.

Note: The product is made from washed fabric; therefore, its size may vary slightly.