White linen kids’ bathrobe with a hood

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Size guide:
  • 110cm (43") height
  • 116cm (45.5") height
  • 122cm (48") height
  • 128cm (50.5") height
  • 140cm (55.1") height

Composition: 52% linen 48% cotton
Weight of the fabric: 210g / m² (6.19oz / yd²)
Manufacturer:  AB “Siulas” www.siulas.com
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

Off-white linen / cotton kids’ bathrobe with a hood. Partially made from linen, therefore highly absorbent and efficient at drying off the skin fast. The robe is extra soft and gentle to your kid’s skin; that’s because of two features – a “waffle” pattern and a special wash in the manufacturing process. Features a belt that can be tied around the waist to secure the robe in place, deep pockets on both sides, and a hanging loop at the back of the neck.