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Buy 100 % flax linen fabrics straight from EU factory on line store. More than 300 different patterned materials : washed, natural, white, grey, blue… Everything that is made by our own hands is always more special and sentimental. The Linen (flax) fabrics can be used in creating bedding, tablecloths, towels, clothes, or anything else you envision - sky is the limit.

  • pure linen fabrics

    pure linen fabrics

  • washed pure linen fabrics

    washed pure linen fabrics

  • linen - cotton fabrics

    linen - cotton fabrics

  • washed linen - cotton fabrics

    washed half linen fabrics




Can You ever imagine how linen is made ?

We are happy to make this small presentation of our linen production from flax to a fabric and open the doors of our most authentic flax mill. It was founded in 1928 and is located in the very north of Lithuania in the beautiful Astravas palace surroundings.

So, let`s come, be the first to experience it !

Linen Fabrics Linen Fabrics

A few words about the flax plant itself – it is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history, most pretty true-blue flowering annual plant, just for one growing season. From seed-planting, it is ready to be harvested in about a hundred days.

Before it comes to our mill, the flax is being harvested, retted, dried and scutched. We are buying already scutched flax and then passing it through further production stages. First the flax goes through the hackling machines, by pulling the flax through the combs, where it splits and straightens the flax fibers, as well as removing the fibrous core and impurities. The fibers that come off on the hackle are bundled to provide a lower quality product, they are called hackled tow yarns. We are working only with the long fibres, what ensures the most finest and highest quality of the yarns. After the hackling process, the fibres are passing some more stages of spinning preparation, such as doubling, 3 processes of drawing frames, where the sliver is being pulled and made thiner and thiner. Then to the roving frame. The roving is being either bleached or boiled, depending on what is needed for production. After bleaching the roving will become white, after boiling – will remain in natural color. That is the final step for going into the spinning department.

We are using wet spinning in our production, so the water and humidity is everywhere there ! We are proud still to have the spinning process in our production and hands, what let us ensure the quality control from the very beginning.

Linen Fabrics Linen Fabrics

Hope the specific production words are not too complicated for You ☺ , if not, so let`s follow further. After the spinning, the yarns are still wet, so they are going straight to the drying cabin. Next step is the winding process, where the yarns from the small spools are wound on the large bobbins, prepared for weaving or dyeing processes.

Our strength and advantage is linen fabrics woven from dyed yarns. White yarns are being dyed yet in 146 colors ! All the colors are developed at our place, so we are happy to offer to our clients as much as possible color shades versions, which allows us to create an incredibly wide range of mixes, solid colors and designs played with different colors. The result is really amazing, as by replacing the colors, You can get a totally different look, sometimes You can`t even imagine what a surprise it can come out.

Our linen fabrics are so beautiful, thanks to our wonderful Designers team – we have all the different designs, like starting from the simple ones, which are called plain weaves, with as many as possible stripe and check versions, dobby weaves, twill weaves, satin weaves, also combined weaves – like panamas, reps and of course the Jacquards – with floral, geometric, words and any abstract motifs.

Linen Fabrics Linen Fabrics

But still back to the yarns – after dyeing the yarns, we go to warping preparation – one of the most interesting places of our production, where You can find in one place all the colors of the yarns, as there are prepared beams for the warping. Here stop for a second – before going to the weaving we have to explain what is the warp and what is the weft. This is very important meanings for weaving.

So, the warp – means the yarns which are going vertically into the fabric and the weft – the yarns going horizontally in the fabric. Weaving - producing fabric by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom. Totally there are 132 looms – 76 looms are eccentric, 41 looms are dobby and 15 Jacquard looms. Also including, we have 8 big width looms – what allow us to produce big width flax linen fabric, 280cm for bedlinen.

Linen Fabrics Linen Fabrics

So, with all the production possibilities we can offer the following fabrics :

  • 100% linen
  • Linen blend ( linen + cotton)
  • Also mixes: linen with wool and linen with PES
  • The width of our fabrics can be 50cm, 150cm, 180cm and 280cm
  • Buy linen fabrics by yards or metres
  • All our fabrics can be washed with our special washing technology, which gives to the fabrics soft and nice hand feeling.

Purpose of our flax linen fabric :

  • For clothes
  • For home textile ( bedlinen, table linen, kitchen linen, curtains, bath linen, accessories )
  • For handicraft, needlework.

We hope that the presentation was interesting for You, of course we have touched only the main points of the processes, but of course there are much more details to go more inside, actually the tour in production could take all day long and more ☺ depending on how curious You are.

But we think that our final result – the beautiful linen fabrics, which come out of all this long and hard work - speak for themselves ! They are our best answer, result and honor ! Read more »

So don‘t wait and visit our European on line store and buy the flax linen fabrics.