Linen Trends for Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Autumn is a season when we devote more time to our thoughts, dreams and creativity. Light up darkening autumn evenings by starting a new sewing, knitting or crochet project! Linen Fashion presents linen fabric and yarn color trends for Fall/Winter 2020-2021.

For Sewers

Our designers mostly used brown shades in the new linen fabrics for this season. This trend was also noticed when creating fabrics for our customers around the world. So let’s follow it! Linen Fashion offers to look at the trendy 100% linen or linen-cotton fabrics in brown colors.

Jacquard linen fabric brown
Brown linen fabric with stripes | Linen Fashion
Linen fabric in grey and brown stripes
Khaki color gauze linen fabric

The main inspiration for Fall/Winter 2020-2021 season is to “embrace and warm up”. Our specially washed extremely soft linen fabrics do it perfectly.

Washed double sided linen fabric in brown red colors
Washed linen fabric with grey, blue, brown stripes

In addition, our linen-wool fabrics are ideal for this season: warming, soft and gentle. You can sew a warmer dress, skirt, jacket or scarf.

Linen wool blend fabric checked brown
Linen wool shawl brown checks

For Knitters, Weavers, Crochet Lovers

Following linen trends, we offer 100% linen yarn in various shades of brown. Have a look at our wet spun linen yarns that are perfect for knitting, crocheting and weaving. Add a brighter color (yellow, orange, red) to liven up your handcraft. Let your handmade item repeats an autumn color palette! Linen yarn twisted from four threads is perfect for autumn sweaters and scarves.

Linen yarns in moss brown color | color trend fall/winter
Linen threads in chocolate | color trend fall/winter
Linen yarns in brown | linen color trend fall/winter
Linen yarns in dark ocher color | trend for fall/winter
Linen yarns in burnt clay | color trend fall/winter

We wish you a creative autumn!
Linen Fashion