Midnight blue linen yarns 2(16)

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37.3041.35 / kg

  • Single yarn
  • Twisted by 2 yarns
  • Twisted by 3 yarns
  • Twisted by 4 yarns

Linen Yarns available for purchase in increments of 0.5 kg

Composition: 100% linen
Yarn thickness: Tex 56 (Nm 17,9)
Manufacturer: AB “Siulas” www.siulas.com
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

Midnight blue (dark blue, pale black) 100% linen yarns. It’s modest and practical colour. Colour number in AB “Siulas” colour card –  2(16).

Single yarn: 1lb yarns length is ± 8854yd (1kg yarns length is ± 17850m)
Twisted by 2 yarns: 1lb yarns length is ± 4365yd (1kg yarns length is ± 8800m)
Twisted by 3 yarns: 1lb yarns length is ± 2961yd (1kg yarns length is ± 5970m)
Twisted by 4 yarns: 1lb yarns length is ± 2241yd (1kg yarns length is ± 4517m)