Linen curtains

Your home interior is inspired by natural concept and sustainability, it is full of timeless things, and you wish to have your windows covered in natural fibre textile fabrics to match the idea. We are glad to introduce the newest product in our range – linen curtains made from 100% linen fabric manufactured by us with care and love!


Curtains from collection Bohemia are sewn from sheer pure linen fabric. They are soft, gentle, easy draping, creased and fluffy in structure as they have been washed using our special washing technology. They let the light to pass through whilst providing you privacy from unwelcomed gazes. Three colours to choose from:
Off-white – traditional and classical option that will fit to any interior.
If you wish to bring some calmness and coolness into your room, we recommend melange bluish grey colour curtains. Hang them in the summer and create a freshness effect in your room while keeping sun rays at bay.
Light grey curtains (made from white and undyed flax colour yarns) could subtly enliven the room if you are tired of white colour.

Items in this collection are made in 150cm width and comes in optional length from 100cm up to 330cm. Choose the length that fits to your needs best: above floor, floor length or longer to let them drape on the floor which is the newest trend.
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Curtains from collection Atlanta are a little bit thicker and denser but soft and gentle as well. They are also made from specially washed linen fabric. Lightly creased fabric texture gives cosiness, liveliness and careless touch to the room.
This collection also includes three colours:
Warm off-white universal colour that matches everywhere. 
Calming bluish grey colour is perfect in a room with blue and grey tones.
Light brown will suit best for traditional interior of dominating earth colours or with wooden decor

Items in this collection are made in 285cm width which is perfect to cover large size windows. Choose the length from 100cm up to 330cm. 
Both collections include curtain types either with loops or channel.

Decorate your rooms with our linen curtains that are made in-house from natural textile, softened fabrics. Create bohemian, Scandinavian or Provence style at affordable price from Linen Fashion!
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