White linen napkin

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  • 15cm x 15cm (5.9" x 5.9")
  • 20cm x 20cm (8" x 8")
  • 34cm x 34cm (13" x 13" )
  • 37cm x 47cm (14.6" x 18.5")
  • 47cm x 47cm (18.5" x 18.5")

Composition: 100% linen
Border / edge type: simple hem
Weight of the fabric: 245g / m² (7.23oz / yd²)
Manufacturer:  AB “Siulas” www.siulas.com
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

Classic off-white 100% linen table napkin. Medium weight, plainly woven napkin will go perfectly with just about any tablecloth, and nicely decorate your table for many various occasions. Looks exceptionally great when combined with our white tablecloth decorated with sewn-in lace.

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