Grey striped washed linen tablecloth

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  • ± 135cm x 135cm (53" x 53")
  • ± 135cm x 200cm (53" x 79")
  • ± 135cm x 250cm (53" x 98")
  • ± 135cm x 300cm (53" x 118")

Composition: 100% linen
Border / edge type: simple hem 
Weight of the fabric: ± 210g / m² (6.19oz / yd²)
Manufacturer:  AB “Siulas”
Country of manufacture: Lithuania

Grey striped washed linen tablecloth woven in wide stripes. Rarely woven stripes give to this product a feeling of lightness. The linen fabric was washed in a special way to make it soft. This tablecloth with matching napkins will create an inviting atmosphere for cozy friends and family gatherings.
Note: The product‘s fabric is woven using natural linen colour (undyed) yarns so the colour of received product may slightly vary from the shown picture. Some shade variation may occur when re-ordering.

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