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Who we are / oldest manufacturer

  • Online shop “Linen Fashion” was created by AB “Siulas” in 2010. 
  • AB “Siūlas” is the oldest manufacturer of linen products in Lithuania (established in 1928).

What we produce:

  • Linen Yarns
  • Linen Fabrics
  • Linen Clothes
  • Linen for Kids
  • Bed Linen
  • Table Linen
  • Kitchen Linen 
  • Linen for Bath & Sauna
  • Linen Lace
Linen field

Why Linen ?

Linen is special for us and we believe that it is chosen by special people…

We are in linen textile area for 90 years already and we love the work we do. While manufacturing the products we put together our long – term experience and knowledge, hand warmth, positive energy as well as love for naturalness and beauty. Linen is our tradition and future! Our pride! We cannot even image ourselves working in another area as the work we do is closest to our hearts. Linen is a part of nature and our life.

Linen is for you because you are special. If you value naturalness and support sustainable consumption, prefer quality instead of quantity – linen is for you. You choose a durable product that may have an enduring value. You will fell in love with our linen production reflecting our most beautiful and creative ideas.  

Not all of us are such persons. However it would be great if number of people who choose linen increases.



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