How to Choose Linen Tablecloth for Your Easter Table?

Beautiful springtime celebration of Easter is coming again to our home and hearts…

How to prepare your home and table for it? We agree that food made with love for your beloved ones is very important. However, the food becomes twice as tasty, the mood much better and gathering cozier, if your table décor is beautiful and tasteful.

Table decoration begins from a tablecloth. It is like a canvas on which the painting is “painted” with dishes, food, flowers and decorations. What kind of tablecloth to choose for Easter table? Since ancient times, traditionally tables for the biggest celebrations of the year – Christmas and Easter – were covered with white linen tablecloths. If you appreciate tradition, classic, sense of neatness and elegance, choose this color. For those who would like to give modern look to the classic, we recommend table linen made of softened washed white linen fabric. This kind of linen table is created for cozy, non-binding moments.

If the festive table seems to lack a colorful stroke, do not hesitate. The tablecloth can be in your favorite color: bright or pastel, checked, with elaborate jacquard patterns or decorated with a fine lace. Align the napkins with the tablecloth. They can be sewn from the same fabric as a tablecloth or similar plain fabric if the tablecloth color and pattern are more intense. For this spring, we recommend fresh pastel colors: pale pink, greenish, bluish.

We wish you a pleasant preparation!

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