Due to current COVID 19 situation, unfortunately, sewn linen products cannot be ordered.
At the moment only fabrics, yarns and laces are available.

linen blanket

price: 52.20eur

Round linen tablecloth

price from: 34.70eur

Linen napkin

price from: 1.50eur

Linen wool tube scarf

price: 21.25eur

Linen wool shawl

price: 33.90eur

purple linen tablecloth

price from: 41.40eur

Linen towel

price from: 8.95eur

linen blanket

price: 72.15eur

linen apron

price: 31.50eur

blanket in blue color

price: 52.20eur

Linen table runner

price from: 14.90eur

Green linen tablecloth

price from: 17.50eur